Wednesday, October 26, 2005

David Paulison For President

"All of those no-bid contracts, we are going to go back and rebid,"
Senate testimony 10/06/05

"He's a great leader and doing a great job for us" speaking (with a straight face) of George Bush. Larry King Live 10/24/05

As Harriett Miers might say: "He is the best liar ever- deserving of great respect."


"In Florida, we consider it a high priority and it's a bottom-up system, In Louisiana, it was left for the federal government to fill the void, and you can see the consequences."

Now Jeb, do you really think that that's going to get your brother's administration off the hook for Katrina? If you haven't read Marty Bahamonde's testimony before congress,it's a little late for that.

However, if you insist on comparing Katrina and Wilma, they did both make landfall early on a Monday Morning. Beyond that there's no comparison. The day after Wilma the main crisis was over; the day after Katrina the levees started breaking and the main crisis really began.Three weeks after Katrina we still had flooded streets in New Orleans. Three days later, how much flooding do you have in the streets of Miami or Naples or Key West?

You had almost a week's advance warning that a hurricane was headed for south florida. The storm was so well forecast that the NFL was able to schedule a football game around it. We had two days warning that a hurricane was heading for New Orleans

With that two days warning, about 80% of the population of Greater N.O. was sucessfully evacuated. Since you consider hurricanes such a high priority in Florida and you had so much warning, I can only imagine how well your evacuation orders were carried out. Let's see, your mandatory evacuation order for Naples had an estimated 70-80% compliance rate and then there were the Keys. Your evacuation order there had an estimated 10% compliance rate. 10%, you really showed us up there.

Seriously though, if the evacuation rate in Metro N.O. had been similar to the evacuation rate in the Florida Keys (where hurricanes are considered a high priority) the loss of life would have been unfathomable. Face it Bozo, all the slander in the world can't change the fact that your brother is the living embodiment of the Peter Principle.

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